Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Use Twitter So I'm Smarter

I use Twitter (follow me at scottabney3) so I'm smarter than you.  That is unless you are also on Twitter than there's a good chance that both of us have a higher level of intelligence than the average person.  I know it's a tough pill to swallow and even when I heard it at the beginning of this semester in my Tech 621 class I scoffed at the idea and found it preposterous.  There is no way that could be true, I was one of the first people at my university and the first person in my city to use Facebook back in 03' (maybe 04', possibly 05' time goes by so fast these days).  I was Facebooking when Myspace was still the happening place to be and not the trailer park of the social media outlets.

Artist rendition of current state of Myspace

Tech 621, along with other articles I've read, have changed my perception of that. It's like taking the red pill over the blue pill and opening my eyes to the truth.  I just can't believe that it took me so long to figure this out.  Then again, I was holding my own prejudices against Twitter which blinded me from this inconceivable truth.  Smarter people really are on Twitter.Why is that I wondered? Several of the articles I read stated the same overlaying theme.  Those who seek knowledge are those who use Twitter.  Facebook on the other hand is used by those who want to a chance to express themselves through photos, groups, etc.

How the first day of Tech 621 began

I do believe there is something else to consider, its the evolution of the social media outlets.  When Myspace was the veteran and Facebook was still the new kid on the block, Facebook was EXCLUSIVE to those who were in college.  See where I'm going with this, at one point Facebook was for the smart kids.  What changed this to what we have today is that Facebook did what any good business model does, it expands.  When it opened its doors to everyone some contaminants where let in and lowered the IQ pool of Facebook.  Twitter then launched and it seems that people who have evolved to Twitter are wanting to get the most out of 165 characters as possible through links and other informative methods and not as concerned with the extras.

There are exceptions to the "smart people on Twitter rule."

When I first used Twitter I never thought it would come to this, but I'm slowly turning my back on Facebook because of the contaminants.  Seeing the status updates of broken hearts, drama, and other unbearable information that has became all too familiar in the land of Facebook instead of the links that I am now getting accustomed to in Twitter has left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  Will another mass social media outlet develop that outsmarts Twitter users, probably, that's how evolution works just like Myspace and Facebook before it.  Will I adapt to it? Yeah if its going to keep me informed of areas of my research along with other topics, as well as if using it makes me appear smarter.


  1. I absolutely love this post and I really enjoy the way you write. The more involved I get in twitter, and this might not just be me, but you realize the updates are smarter and well thought out. Well I guess that depends on who you are following, because I follow snooki :)

  2. Thanks Jackie on the compliment!!! Regarding updates, here is one from Facebook that will make your stomach queasy

    "Does ne1 know wen this reunion is gona happen??"

    I'm guessing that sentence is some foreign language but I can not be sure. In seriousness that was left on the wall for my 10 year high school reunion and after reading that it really makes me not want to go. Considering who else you follow I can forgive you on long as that's the only member from the Shore you're following :)

  3. This is, I believe, your best(outside of the realm of TECH621 and next to Charlie)post yet....but this is true, as new technologies are made available and individuals come up with new ways to communicate, new next best thing is actually- The Next Thing. It's just a matter of who and not a matter of when because IT WILL HAPPEN!! I'm sure that there will be a scenario in the future where it will simply be a matter of thought, in order to communicate and not a matter of action....Anyway, Great Post!

  4. Brilliant post, and again, I tell you, if the PhD thing doesn't work out - and even if it does - you can make a living blogging.

    dannah boyd has researched the social migration and social class divisions between MySpace and Facebook, and your observations are consistent with her research. If you're interested, start by reading this essay on her blog:

  5. I really liked that blog, thanks for the link Dr. V!! I'm glad you enjoy my posts so much. On blogging for a living, maybe some company will pick me up before the end of the semester so I don't have to get a "real job" this summer : )