Friday, March 11, 2011

My Sick Addiction

I have an addiction.  If it is true that addiction can be genetics then I have to blame my mother and father for part of this, being my enablers.  My mom recently told me that during my birthday parties growing up that my Grandpa and Dad had to have their own fix of this addiction even while my young mind was blowing out my birthday cake wishing for whatever the cool toy/fad was at the time (possibly parachute pants). Maybe they, themselves, were not fully aware that they too were addicts and never sought help for their own addictions.  It doesn't help that I was cursed to be born not only during the height of when my addiction is at its strongest, but was also born into the one area where there are thousands upon thousands who suffer from the same strong signs of addiction as myself.  After 27 years (28 next Friday) of suffering, I have decided to write about this demon in order to let others in on this addiction in case they also are suffering from it.


There I said it, it feels better to put that out there.  As anyone who has read previous entries of this blog know or have ever met me, I'm an avid Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan.  We are known as one of the most passionate, crazy fanbases in ALL of sports.  Every team has their crazies, but it seems that we push the envelope to another level, just tune in to the SEC tournament this weekend, regardless who is playing its a guarantee you're going to see more blue on the television then any other color.  Like Charlie Sheen, that's how we roll. As much as I could/can/would love to spend this entire blog gushing about my love all things related to UK basketball (as I glance upon my shelve of numerous UK memorabilia that had to make the trek to Indiana with me) unfortunately this is not the time nor place.  Instead it's about the sport of basketball and more importantly the college game itself.  Being brought up in a crazy basketball state, family, and being a warped UK fan myself (always wear blue on game day, actually just always wear blue or some other form of UK related gear) that just sewed the seeds of my addiction with the sport. 

Rule 1 of being a UK fan is swearing your undying allegiance to Ashley Judd

Rule 2: Whenever someone mentions church, this is exactly what you think of

However, that wasn't enough, I needed more.  If there is a game on, I'm watching it.  From October until April I am on a constant high. See where this is going yet?  You can have the Superbowl, that's just one game, just leave me the month of March (and first weekend of April), and I'll be happy.  That's over 100 games at my fingertips to be engulfed in, last time I checked 100>1.  Keep the NBA as well. To me the basketball played in the NBA is not "pure" there are way to many egos and multi-millionares that polluted the game.  Lebron is great, but how can I feel sorry for him when he loses, but still makes more in one game then I do in ten years? I want to watch the Cinderella teams, buzzer beaters, watch players who know they won't make it to the pros leave everything they have on the floor (with HD technology the emotion can be felt in ways that were never before seen).
Growing up in KY you are told if you don't behave the boogeyman will get you, this is the boogeyman

Once again its that time of the year when I constantly need my fix and the drug itself comes in extreme doses. Yesterday I spent 14 solid hours on my couch watching college basketball on my TV as well as my computer, AT THE SAME TIME. At one point I was watching 4 games simultaneously. It was bliss.  I also have to thank Microsoft for creating the Kinect, it made my day much easier as instead of using a remote to change channels, I could just shout at my Xbox to change the games for me (irony, the fact the Kinect was made for physical activity).  Today is no different, nor will be Saturday, and definitely not Selection Sunday.  For the next several weeks my life will revolve around my addiction.  After the tournament is over I will again go through the severe withdrawals, and again do what I have done in the past, count down until my next fix.  I take solace in knowing that I am not alone in dealing with my addiction and in March it seems all my fellow junkies and I can share our addiction experience with each other without having judgement passed upon us.  God I love this game.

UPDATE 1: To put how crazy UK fans are in a better perspective.  Yesterday, (3/12/11) I ran into a fellow UK fan at Dick's Sporting Goods.  While I was expressing my frustrating on playing starters with a big lead with only a few minutes remaining in the game, my fellow UK fan was more upset with the fact that UK only won by 15 after being up more throughout the game.  That's right he was really upset that we only won by 15.

UPDATE 2: My excessive basketball watching was just to much for my Xbox.  Late last night during the UL/UCONN game I was disturbed by a sudden knock then a frozen screen.  After that my Xbox displayed to me the Red Ring of Death.  R.I.P. Xbox 2005-2011, you will be missed until I replace you later today.


  1. Scott - I have just given you a Stylish Blogger Award! Check my blog to see what you have to do!

    I know you are soooo pumped, you stylish blogger you!

  2. I may not have much to comment on in the way of you being a basketball addict other than, "Admitting you have a problem is the first step."

    However, I DO share much sympathy for your Xbox. The RRD is nothing to joke about. :( RIP.

  3. haha, thank you for your sympathy, worst part is losing all gaming data!!